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Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Services

Nourish Box is a vegetarian meal delivery service that provides healthy, nutritious meals to customers in Gwalior.
Nourish Box offers a weekly menu of vegetarian meals that are prepared fresh and delivered to customers in specific time frames. Customers can select their preferred delivery dates and time slot.
No, Nourish Box offers fixed weekly menus that cannot be altered. However, customers will be updated regularly about the menu.

Nourish Box offers a range of vegetarian meals that are nutritionally balanced and prepared using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

About delivery

Nourish Box delivers to specific localities during specific time frames. Customers can choose their preferred delivery day and time slot at the time of finalising the subscription.
Nourish Box meals are packaged in eco-friendly containers for both the hostel and working professionals meal plans. However, the working professionals meal plans come in disposable packaging whereas the hostel meal plan comes with reusable stainless steel and food grade plastic box all packed in an insulated box.

Payment Details

Customers can pay for their Nourish Box meals using UPI, Netbanking and Cash. PLEASE NOTE - All Nourish Box subscriptions need to be paid in advance before start of the delivery.
Customers can cancel or pause their Nourish Box subscription by contacting us on 7581009909.
Customers can contact Nourish Box customer service through the website's contact form or by emailing the company directly or calling us on 7581009909. The company aims to respond to customer inquiries within 24 hours.
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